Special extrusion tooling

Guides, dies and any special tool for specific or non standard extrusion cartridges or heads.

Our tools are manufactured on request, and at your own specifications :

> Special geometry tools
> Large tools (up to 350mm)
> Assemblies dedicated to high or very high voltage cables
> Guides, dies, needles, grids/breaker plates, etc for submarine power cables
> Any specific tool for special applications that requires high precision and long tool life

By choosing Balloffet, you get the following benefits :

  • Optimal polishing quality
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Traceability for profiles and performance consistency
  • Made to provided drawings
  • Possible manufacture of new parts from worn sample
  • At the forefront of innovation in terms of materials, treatments and various coatings

Available materials : Diamond insert - Steel - Treated steel - Carbide insert - Monobloc carbide - Hastelloy.