Wire machines range

The range of BALLOFFET wire machines come with various degree of automation, number of heads and work diameter range.


RF 15

RF 06.1 / RF 06.2 / RF 06.3


ø 0,01mm - 0,10 mm

Ultra-fine wires
  • high speed rotation
  • timer display
  • adjustable working / speeds
  • "3 point" die holder
  • independant angle adjustments
ø 1,5 mm - 9,0 mm

Large diameter range
  • large die holder fixed vertically
  • timer display
  • adjustable working / speeds
ø 0,025 mm - 3,0 mm

Medium diameter range
Available with 1,2 or 3

  • adjustable die holder oscillation 40°
  • independent modules
  • timer display
  • adjustable working / speeds
  • constant wire tension
  • spool holder (a)
ø 0,05 mm - 0,55 mm
Medium diameter range
  • totally independent heads
  • adjustable rotation and reciprocating speeds
  • programmable polishing cycle times and quantity
  • programmable calibration cycle with automatic cycle repetition after diameter measurement
  • touch screen



Repolishing equipment manufactured and sold by Balloffet are identical to those used internally for the production of new dies and their maintenance.

Balloffet makes its technology and expertise available to its customers.


Over 300 Balloffet wire machines are currently in operation throughout the world, some for over 30 years.

The Balloffet machines combine efficiency, reliability, durability, ease of use, maintenance ease and a level of automation adapted to your needs.


  • Calibrating precision
  • Robust frame minimizing vibrations
  • Adjustable / Programmable working speeds