BD 140 VGA

Diamond dies automatic shaping and polishing machine

The BD140VGA, being fully automatic, is used for the shaping or the final polishing of diamond dies in the diameter range of 0.1/0.2 - 2.00 mm.

Designed, built and in operation within the various production units of Balloffet.

Quality of repolishing / Optimal output.


  • Complete working autonomy for 15 to 25 dies
  • Automated supply of the abrasive diamond mix
  • Unique Balloffet design for needle fixing, without solder, for optimal ultrasonic conduction and very easy handling.
  • Automatic and fast needle grinding/sharpening
  • Time saving with fast working cycles
  • Programmable number and duration of cycles
  • Fully adjustable needle grinding angle
  • Precise ultrasonic power adjustments
  • Die table oscillation if needed
  • Adjustable die table pressure
  • Needle Press included

Machine available on request for larger dies with 43mm Ø cases

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