Consumables and diamond powders

Balloffet has available in stock a full range of consumables needed to inspect, repolish and maintain diamond dies.

We recommend the use of our consumables which have been tested and approved on our machines. These consumables are as well being used in-house for the manufacturing of our diamond diess.

Do not hesitate to enquire if you have any query with :

  • High quality diamond powders of coarseness 0-1/4µ to 40-60µ                                  (coarseness availability)
  • Grinding wheels for A, SA or VGA machine types
  • Needles and aluminum tools for the ultrasonic machines
  • Conical hardened steel tools for the ultrasonic machines
  • Rice paper for die cleaning
  • Adhesive patches for working the dies with the diamond powders
  • Stainless steel or copper coated steel wires for use on our wire machines
  • etc …