Polycrystalline diamond drawing dies

What is a polycrystalline diamond ?

A very versatile material that provides an excellent return on investment ! 

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a synthetic material invented by two Swedish researchers in 1953.

Available as platelets (blank) from the years 1974, this material is made from non-oriented diamond crystals linked together. The synthetic mass is sintered in presses at very high pressures and temperatures, in the presence of a bonding metal catalyst. 

Diamand polycristallinPCD combines hardness, abrasion resistance, strength, toughness and high thermal conductivity. These properties and unique features make it a perfectly tailored and high-performance material in the drawing of numerous materials. It is also suitable for many other applications, combining precision and resistance to wear.

Polycrystalline is used in the manufacture of our dies, either as a PCD blank on its own (Self-Supported), or as a PCD blank with a carbide ring (Tungsten Carbide Supported). Thermally stable blanks (without the metallic bonding catalyst) can also be provided for high temperature or electrically nonconductive applications. 

The choice of material we use, namely Natural Crystalline Diamond, Synthetic Monocrystalline Diamond or Polycrystalline Diamond, will depend on the application, the die’s conditions of use, the technical and economic requirements of our customers.
PCD blanks allow us to cover an extensive range of die diameters from 0.030mm up to 38mm, as well as shaped dies (triangular, square, rectangular, oval, others shapes to drawing…) for the manufacture of profiled wires, bars and tubes.
We use, for the production of our dies, the leading brands for Polycrystalline Diamond (Compax™, Sumidia™, …) whose qualities have been proven for many years.

At the same time, our methods and R&D departments regularly check and test the quality of the various Polycrystalline diamond we use, allowing us to guarantee our customers the consistent reliability of our tools.

We have a large stock of PCD blanks of various granulometry (from 1µm up to 50µm grain size), allowing us to meet demands in the shortest time and bring our customers technical advice adapted to its application. 



Standard profiles. PCD dies



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Balloffet : Tungsten Carbide Supported PCB BlanksFor further information regarding blanks specifications, please look at our descriptive PCD blanks table, or contact us