Dies repolishing

The wire drawing process generates  thermal increasing  through friction which in turn wears the diamond at the point of contact with the wire. This is the wear ring.

It is then recommended to repolish or to reprofile the die depending on the wear level.


At Balloffet, the dies needing repolishing are within the same manufacturing process as new dies (except the initial mounting and laser drilling). This policy ensures the same quality is achieved for new and repolished dies :


  • Respect and consistency of the geometry
  • Respect of tolerances and ovality
  • Optimal polish quality
  • Made to measure markings

Balloffet also offers many other services in related with repolishing :

  • Elongation measurement control
  • Diagnostic and analysis upon reception of worn dies
  • Initial quotation before proceeding with the required work
  • Management of customer’s die stocks