Our commitment

For over 145 years, Balloffet’s commitment to its customers translates into 4 fundamental values and 4 main objectives :


Our 4 Fundamental Values  :

Filières Balloffet DieThe Customers : The center of our attention. To listen, identify their needs, offer tailored technical solutions, help reduce their costs of wire drawing and to organize ourselves to meet their expectations.

Filières Balloffet DieThe People : The heart of our business. Select, train and involve our employees in their work and in the daily support they provide to our customers. The passion for technical knowledge, the dedication to a job well done and the recognition of a satisfied customer are the driving force of Balloffet.

Filières Balloffet DieRespect and trust   : The basis of all our relashionships to ensure our partners a healthy and sustainable collaboration, and to work in the best possible conditions.

Filières Balloffet DieThe future and innovation : Tapping into our past experiences to make sense of our vision for the future. Remain a leader in our field through the passion of our profession. Knowing the technical challenges and developing innovative solutions to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers.



Our 4 main objectives  : 


Filières Balloffet DieReliability : Being a reliable and competent supplier, on which our customers can rely.


Filières Balloffet DieQuality : Provide high quality products and services, ensuring our customers the best return on investment.


Filières Balloffet DieCustomer awareness : Being a partner at all times, listening to our customers and ensuring appropriate technical assistance and suggestions.


Filières Balloffet DieL’innovation : Share with our customers technical developments and innovations.