A thread of history ...

In 1860, die craftsman Tony Milan and his colleague Claudius Balloffet manage to replace the ruby in drawing dies, used since the fifteenth century, with diamond. Ten years later, in 1870, Claudius Balloffet creates its first industrial site in Lagnieu where the company is still based….


« From renowned craftsmanship …

… To worldwide recognized industrial group »


Balloffet founder, Mr Claudius Balloffet, and his team
The Filières Balloffet factory
Balloffet subsidiary in New York
Ultrasonic Dies machining
Diamond laser drilling
Machining automatism development
Dies mounting process automatisation
Extension of the feasible profiles range with diamond

1904 : Creation of the American subsidiary Balloffet Die Corporation

1925 : Creation of the English subsidiary British Diamond Wire Die Co. Ltd.

1963 : Jean Barthod, grandson of Claudius Balloffet, and his son Robert, achieve to work diamond with ultrasonics for the first time.

1968 : Robert Barthod and the engineers of Western Electric develop the first laser capable of drilling diamond dies.

1974 : Introduction of polycrystalline (PCD) synthetic diamond.

1977 : Robert Barthod sets up a Research and Development unit for innovation in micro machining techniques of ultra hard materials.

1996 : Creation of the German subsidiary Balloffet GmbH

1997 : Iso 9002 certification achieved

2008 : Construction of a 3000 m² extension. Merging of the 2 french sites. Strengthening of the sales team and new developments in R&D. Iso 9001-V2008 certification.

2010 : Launch of new investment programs, « Automation, Innovation, Diversification »

2014 : Continued investment in R&D and production : introduction of new technologies in the production process for improved performance and quality 100% “Made in France”. Research on new ultra hard materials.

With over 145 years of experience, Balloffet is a world leader in the manufacture of natural/sinthetic monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond dies.

Balloffet remains firmly focused on the future and continuously innovates as to adapt and respond to the most demanding customer requirement.